Quasi Healing began in 2017. Quasi means something resembling or appearing (on the surface) as true but is not, which is why we believe true healing comes from within.

Your wellbeing is independent of the external world but dependent on the stillness of your internal One. A deep connection to self and earth enables wholeness.

Kwasi (unbeknown to us at the time - spelt differently) is a Ghanian name of the Akan people for a boy child born on Sunday who's association is the Universe.

The feet are symbolic, carrying us on our path, carrying the burden of the body and is our connection to the earth. As Espadrilles are made of jute and natural fibres, it was important from a healing perspective to be connected to the land. In our modern era we sometimes lose touch with the simplicity of life. 

When we initially established the business, we asked the question....how much should they be sold for? We asked several people and slowly began to realise, based on their own individual circumstances they would advise us on the value of the shoe.

Then we thought, maybe everyone based on their own circumstances would purchase a shoe and pay the value they were able to afford. Those who have more resources would subsidise those who may not have as many. The aim was for everyone to have equal access regardless of financial standing. No-one should ever be denied opportunities based purely on finances. If those who have more are willing to share then all our "souls" would be covered.  

For All Walks of Life